There is a very wide range of acute and chronic conditions for which Bowen Therapy has provided outcomes ranging from long-term rapid remission to significant improvement in presenting problems, mobility, physiology, pain, stress and general well being.
Conditions that can respond well include:
• Acute and chronic pain with musculo-skeletal or neurological origins
• fibromyalgia,
• back pain
• lumbago,
• sciatica,
• chronic fatigue syndrome, neck pain,
• arm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
• TMJ syndrome,
• shoulder pain (frozen shoulder),
• leg and foot pain (plantar fascitis),
• emotional depression and stress,
• asthma,
• sporting and other trauma injuries.
It is worth noting the similar success of Bowen Therapy in treating many comparable small animal and equine problems within Australia and internationally.

The Benefits

The principal benefit of Bowen Therapy is the often rapid and long term or permanent remission from pain, reduced stress, greater mobility and improved physical and emotional quality and enjoyment of life. Additional benefits can include increased energy, improvement in the immune system, rebalancing of the body, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Further and important benefits of Bowen Therapy are that it has few contraindications. It is very gentle, relaxing and non-invasive involving no manipulation, and is therefore ideal for everyone including children and the aged.

The Bowen Technique, or Bowen Therapy as it is sometimes known, is a very gentle remedial therapy named after its innovator Tom Bowen. The Technique is very subtle and relaxing and involves no hard or prolonged pressure. It is a holistic therapy and so addresses the 'whole you' and not just the bit that hurts!

Bowen can be performed through light clothing whilst the client lies on a bed, although treatment can be carried out just as effectively if the client is in a chair. Bowen is not like massage, acupressure or chiropractic. It is unique. There is no manipulation or force used in any of the moves. The thumbs or fingers are used to gently press against a muscle, tendon or ligament then, after a second or two the therapist rolls over the area allowing the muscle, tendon or ligament to gently release beneath his/her hands. There is no pain involved, in fact if you are in pain your muscles will tense up which is not beneficial. Also your brain will focus on the pain and this will detract from the treatment. Ideally the brain should have nothing else to think about but the Bowen move. The pressure used is often described as eye-ball pressure so it is quite light and so even if you are suffering from a painful condition like Fibromyalgia, you can still have Bowen Therapy - your therapist will adjust the pressure to suit you. Even new-born babies benefit from a treatment, especially if they have had a difficult birth.

Dear Client, Please refrain from wearing Denim while receiving a Bowen Treatment. Denim inhibits the ability to perform Bowen procures affectively.
So Please wear thin loose stretchable clothing - Thank You.